Spencer_Langdon_Biological_Consulting Spencer Langdon has more than 30 years of birding experience and habitat and ecosystem related knowledge, within both the academic and field settings. For more than ten years he has conducted biological surveys and assessed avian and invertebrate resources in coastal, scrub, chaparral, and grassland habitats in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, and San Diego Counties, California.

He has logged more than 100 hours at two MAPS stations in a project directed by the Institute for Bird Populations, Point Reyes, CA. This field work included mist net capture, identification, data collection, and banding of birds in coastal sage scrub/chaparral, and natural wetland habitats.

Spencer has extensive field experience working with endangered and sensitive bird species and habitats of special concern, including the Swainson’s Hawk, Least Bell’s Vireo, California Least Tern, California Gnatcatcher and Cactus Wren.

Read Spencer's Summary of Qualifications. (opens a .pdf file)

  Contact Spencer via email or phone: 562-209-1044